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INTERVIEWS · January 29, 2009

Speak Up Interview with Font Bureau’s Dyana Weissman

”With the increasing number of typefaces entering the market these days, more and more type designers are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve. In light of this, I thought it would be interesting to reach out to one of the younger designers over at the Font Bureau whose name might not be as well known (yet), and get some insights into her process, the industry and all things letter-centric.” Guest Editorial by Christian Palino

Read the interview on Speak Up with Dyana Weissman.

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INTERVIEWS · July 2, 2008

Cyrus Highsmith & Leslie Cabarga in Print Magazine

Cyrus Highsmith and Leslie Cabarga are among seven type designers that tell Print Magazine what it’s like to see their fonts in unexpected contexts.

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INTERVIEWS · May 27, 2008

David Berlow Interviewed for The Boston Globe

From A to Z, font designer knows his type

“Unless you’re in the design or publishing industry, David Berlow won’t bother explaining his line of work to you.”

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INTERVIEWS · May 19, 2008

Cyrus Highsmith profiled in

”In the world of type design, Cyrus Highsmith is a star.” Check out his profile, the lettering he did for the magazine, and his fonts:

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INTERVIEWS · April 24, 2008

David Berlow Interviewed for MyFonts

”Although David Berlow is obviously too young to be counted among the grand old men of American typography, he is certainly one of its most influential figures.”

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INTERVIEWS · April 22, 2008

Matthew Carter and Cyrus Highsmith Interviewed for NY Times Blog

At the New York Times’s blog Campaign Stops, Steve Heller interviews designers and typographers about the McCain campaign’s use of the typeface, Optima.

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INTERVIEWS · April 21, 2008

David Berlow on John Berry’s Blog

“David Berlow has always been a consummate type designer, crafting new faces and new versions of old faces for any number of specific, practical uses.”

—John Berry, April 21st 2008

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INTERVIEWS · April 15, 2008

Typographica’s Interview with Cyrus Highsmith

“He has been called ‘one of the truly original new voices in American type design’ on account of his vast range of new typefaces, alongside numerous revivalist projects.”

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INTERVIEWS · April 3, 2008

Eye Magazine Profile: Cyrus Highsmith

“Type designer Cyrus Highsmith learnt the craft through both study and apprenticeship”

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INTERVIEWS · April 2, 2008

Newsweek Interviews Roger Black, Matthew Carter, and Sam Berlow

Fun with Fonts: In this video clip, Newsweek’s Jessica Bennett quizzes Roger Black on what the font you choose says about you.

Just Go to Helvetica: “Or at least to Verdana. Because without a signature font at the moment, you’ll never be letter-perfect.” Matthew Carter and Sam Berlow are quoted.

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