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Font Bureau’s current licenses, with no changes to existing terms, are now served through Type Network.


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July 15, 2004

Amira awarded by AIGA 365 25 2004

July 2004 — Senior Designer Cyrus Highsmith’s original calligraphic sanserif family Amira was one of only three families recognized by the 365: AIGA Annual Design Competition’s in the Typography category. The 365 25 book and exhibit will available in 2005.

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June 23, 2004

Font Bureau sweeps TDC2 2004

June 23rd New York — Senior Designer Cyrus Highsmith and Christian Schwartz each take home several Awards of Typographic Excellence from the annual Type Directors Club TDC2 competition. Highsmith was awarded a judge’s choice for Amira. Winning entries include: Zócalo, a family created for Mexico City daily El Universal; Farnham, an upcoming family inspired by the work of Johann Fleischman, Houston, a venetian oldstyle drawn for the Houston Chronicle; and Amplitude, an expansive sanserif family.

The TDC02 2004 exhibit is touring internationally, beginning in New York.

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NEW TYPE · May 18, 2004

New Styles of Interstate

Interstate, one of the archetypal font families of our time, has grown due to the constant request for more.

Font Bureau is proud to release Interstate Monospaced, adapted for situations where the luxury of proportionally spaced characters aren’t an option or inappropriate. Character width for Interstate Monospaced Black, Bold, Regular, and Light meet the international standard.

New Interstates do not stop there, four Condensed Italics (Black, Bold, Regular, and Light) were drawn for emphasis within tight copyfit situations.

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For a press kit or more information, please email info@fontbureau.com or call Harry Parker or Robb ...

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May 17, 2004

Font Bureau in STEP Inside Design

May 2004 — STEP Inside Design’s annual Type Issue thoroughly featured Font Bureau.

Editors asked Matthew Carter to interview a young talented type designer. He chose Cyrus Highsmith. The duo have worked together before on Miller Daily and are close, though this was their first formal forum to discuss type, their influences, and love of different languages.

Allan Haley’s article on custom typography quoted President David Berlow on his work for LA Times and upcoming family FB Titling Gothic.

Rascally Hermann Puterschein reviews Christian Schwartz’s Amplitude.

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May 12, 2004

Font Bureau in Contemporary Newspaper Design

May 2004 — Font Bureau founder Roger Black writes the forward to typographic author John D Berry’s new book Contemporary Newspaper Design: Shaping the News in the Digital Age. The book is an in-depth visual essay on how news design has shifted so much in a short 15 years. Font Bureau has had the honor of working with many of the papers featured in the book, including Black’s detailed account of the LA Times redesign.

Berry adapted his research of news type into one of his dot-font articles on creativepro.com, featuring Font Bureau’s Readability Series.

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May 1, 2004

Font Bureau in Dutch Type

The editor of Fontshop’s Druk and 96 releases Dutch Type, the first comprehensive look into type design in the Netherlands. Font Bureau’s Poynter Oldstyle, Meno, Proforma, Productus, Brok, Nobel, and Reiner Script are featured.

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NEW TYPE · July 17, 2003

New Font: Whitman by Kent Lew

July 17, 2003 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc. announces the retail release of Whitman from Kent Lew, a new text face in the American type tradition of Dwiggins and Gill. Whitman features classical design traits treated with a Spartan finish to create this award-winning face, honored in 2002 by the Type Directors’ Club of New York.

At the time of its creation, book and type designer Kent Lew “Designed Whitman as a Modern for those of us who don’t like Moderns. It has that rationality and balance and symmetry, but I tried to avoid the cold, brittle contrast and ...

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NEW TYPE · June 10, 2003

New Font: Amplitude by Christian Schwartz

June 10, 2003 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc. announces the retail release of Amplitude from Christian Schwartz, an extensive new sans serif series for text and display inspired by functional type seen every day in phone books and newspapers. Ink wells carved out of the juncture of strokes give it a distinctive appearance in headlines while compensating for ink spread at small sizes.

Amplitude offers an appropriate solution for nearly any corporate or publication design problem. Weighing in at 35 styles, with 7 weights in 5 widths, it is one of Font Bureau’s largest and most flexible families.

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NEW TYPE · May 6, 2003

New Font: Prensa by Cyrus Highsmith

May 6, 2003 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc. announces the retail release of Prensa, a major new serif series for text as well as display by Cyrus Highsmith. Until now it has only been available to a few designers; it has appeared in various incarnations in magazines from Martha Stewart Living to MensHealth, and newspapers from El Universal in Mexico to La Prensa Gráfica in El Salvador. In 2002, Prensa was awarded a citation of excellence from the international type competition, Bukva:Raz!. Its success has led Font Bureau to add it to its retail library.

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March 28, 2003

Font Bureau’s Cyrus Highsmith speaks at “Exposed” Lecture Series

Font Bureau’s senior designer, Cyrus Highsmith will join Matthew Carter, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones in a panel discussion on type design as part of the Graphic Design “Exposed” Lecture Series presented by The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Thursday, April 3 at 6:30pm
Solmssen Court, Hamilton Hall
320 South Broad St
Philadelphia, PA

For more information click here:
Philadelphia AIGA

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