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Font Bureau is a founding member of Type Network, a new model for type design, development, licensing, and use. Owned and operated by type designers, Type Network features a common catalog and shopping cart offering fonts from Font Bureau and other member foundries.

Font Bureau’s current licenses, with no changes to existing terms, are now served through Type Network.


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NEW TYPE · February 25, 2016

Escrow goes big. And small.

With the addition of a new Banner style for big headlines and the Reading Edge version for easy reading onscreen, the Escrow family offers a complete solution for print and digital, from very large to very small.

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TYPE DESIGN · February 11, 2016

What’s on the Agenda?

Greg Thompsons gives us an in-depth look at how he developed his popular Agenda family of typefaces.

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NEW TYPE, NEWS · December 8, 2015

Roster: A Square-Shouldered Powerhouse in 60 Styles

The visual tension of square corners in round shapes has long intrigued artists and designers. It’s been used in typefaces, but usually very subtly. Roster makes this square-circle tension its underlying structure. The result is a dramatic slab-serif display family, one that seems very fresh and contemporary, but also has just a hint of old-time sports lettering.

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NEW TYPE, NEWS · October 28, 2015

Marcia: Text with the Spirit of Lettering

Today we release Marcia, text with the spirit of lettering.

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NEW TYPE, NEWS · July 8, 2015

Miller Text Expansion. Matthew Carter’s seminal Scotch gets Semibold

Matthew Carter’s Miller is a reinvigoration of the 19th-century Scotch Roman, serving forthright, authoritative body copy and headlines since 1997. All Text and Display weights include small caps, italics, and italic small caps, a hallmark of the original Scotches and features that have made it a staple of magazines and newspapers like the Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, Glamour, and New York magazine. The Miller family has seen several updates since its initial release, with improvements from Carter and Font Bureau designers such as Tobias Frere-Jones, Cyrus Highsmith, Richard Lipton, and Kent Lew. Today Miller Text gets a substantial expansion.

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NEW TYPE, NEWS · April 16, 2015

Antenna Serif. A new slab by Cyrus Highsmith

Today we release Antenna Serif, a slab serif companion to a stalwart sans.

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NEW TYPE, WEB FONTS · January 13, 2015

A Quick Recap of Last Year’s Releases

It’s a new year but we haven’t locked the door on 2014 — it’s propped open by an old specimen book. Before we release our next typeface, we wanted to recap what came in the past twelve months. Five different designers were behind seven releases, and all of their designs, along with some classics from our library, came out on Webtype too. It was a varied year, so let’s take another look.

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NEW TYPE, NEWS · November 19, 2014

Tilda. A script typeface by Jessica Hische

Today we release Tilda, a script typeface with size-specific styles.

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BEHIND THE SCENES · October 29, 2014

Lettering is Not Type: Clear Definitions for Commonly Abused Terms

Using the wrong typography terms doesn’t just make you look silly or inexperienced; it doesn’t just irritate the nitpicky nerds; it deprives you from getting the most from typography. Knowing the right words can help you understand and describe, design and build. So here are some of the commonly confused typographic terms I see tossed around, along with simplified definitions.

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NEW TYPE, NEWS · October 1, 2014

FB Big Caslon. An expansion of Matthew Carter’s classic display serif

Today we release FB Big Caslon, six new styles of Matthew Carter’s familiar and beloved typeface. 20 years ago Big Caslon was released as a single style, with separate fonts for small caps, expert and alternate characters. Now it is a fully-featured Opentype family, simultaneously available as webfonts, in three weights. They each have italics, small caps, and plenty of striking alternates.

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