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NEWS · September 5, 2001

Font Bureau Announces its 3rd Edition Specimen Book

September, 2001 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc., an independent digital type foundry, introduces its newest publication, Font Bureau Type Specimens Third Edition, an invaluable resource for type users and type lovers.

Font Bureau approached this new specimen book as more than an expanded version of 1997’s Second Edition, opting instead to rework the book from the ground up, reorganizing and adding many features to make a more useful resource, while keeping the popular specimen format.

Like the previous editions, Font Bureau Type Specimens Third Edition showcases Font Bureau’s ever-expanding Retail Library, the most comprehensive collection of digital typefaces available from an independent type foundry. This book also marks the first public showing of Font Bureau’s Studio Library, a collection of typefaces commissioned by various clients for the highest-end publication and corporate use.

For easy browsing, all of the fonts in the book are shown in the order of legibility. As in previous editions, specimens of each typeface family give an idea of how each one behaves for display and, when appropriate, in text. Several new kinds of showings also assist with browsing: family grids help users determine which styles they need from large typeface families; pages have also been added showing possible effective uses for some families and effective combinations of typefaces. Finally, the addenda have been supplemented with additional features for serious type users, such as detailed information on the standard character set and a full showing of different types of numerals.

Priced at $20, Font Bureau Type Specimens Third Edition is 224 pages and hardbound. It is available by ordering online or by calling 617-423-8770.


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