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NEW TYPE · September 1, 2001

Font Bureau Announces its 26th Retail Font Release

September 1, 2001 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc., an independent digital type foundry, introduces its twenty-sixth retail font issue. All are high quality and fully compatible PostScript® Type One fonts for Macintosh™ and Windows™.

Making his London Underground-inspired sans serif family infinitely moreflexible for publication and corporate design use, Greg Thompson increasesthe range of Agenda® with several new weights, extremely narrow styles, anda full set of italics. Designer Jill Pichotta adds new weights for displayand corresponding text styles to the classically beautiful FB Garamond™, anunusually delicate take on this popular oldstyle. Setting out to create acompatible humanist sans for his typeface Proforma, Petr van Bloklandcreated Productus™, a legible humanist sans serif family with character andwarmth. Cyrus Highsmith introduces Occupant Gothic™, a typographicinterpretation of the nervous energy of the city, named while he was pickingup his mail. Finally, Raphael Boguslav digitally revisits his award-winningPhotoTypositor font Avia™, a sophisticated and elegant form of stencildesign.

For more press information, or font samples, visit our web site at; send an email to; or call Font Bureau at 617.423.8770.

PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.; Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc.; Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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