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Welcome to Le Jet, your online source for all things zippy, modern, high-powered, and fashionable. Please find below the latest offerings from our selection of space-age accoutrement.

Le Ray Gun

Personal protection for the modern age

Ray gun

Packin’ heat will never be the same with this personal ray blaster. If you ever felt less than safe on your space flight home, calm your nerves with the assurance of 48,000 high-charged photo beams by your side. Each sidepiece blaster is fashioned from the finest light-weight rhodium according to the stellar design sense of René Baudin. Available in 12 shades of black.

Space Gloves

Get a grip on the future

Space gloves

Equipped with special patented Dynamo-Grip™ technology, these gloves will multiply the force of the wearer’s clenched hand by up to 40 times. All that power has been styled by glover sensation Dominique Pacelli, exuding a chic elegance and leaving would-be opponents none the wiser.

Future Goggles

Hi-tech specs to see what’s ahead

Future Goggles

Never miss a sight with these atomic-powered eyeball lenses. Wearers of these special glasses, designed by trendsetter Jacques Rocé, will be able to see the future unfold before their eyes. Such optical advancements will surely enhance the performance in any flight-based action adventures or high-speed pursuit situations. Dilithium batteries sold separately.

Serge typeface

An acrobatic type family for the texts of today

Serge typeface
per style

Cyrus Highsmith is known for his all-around workhorse typeface families like Antenna, Benton Sans, and Salvo, but sometimes he lets loose the reins and raises a show pony. Serge is just that: a frisky, acrobatic typeface that dashes off decorative blurbs, signs, and headlines with a lively, angular zest. The family has three weights, from Regular to Black, but all are equally light on their feet. A set of swash caps adds a subtle flair.

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